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Questão 85

UFG 2013/1
“I should be safe and sound now If I was miles from L.A.” means that the poet

Questão 86

UFG 2013/1
The headlines below are from the online version of the British newspaper The Guardian.
In which of the following sections can such headlines be found?

Questão 87

UFG 2013/1
Read the cartoon.
According to the girl´s speech in each part of the cartoon, the list of verbs that represents her discursive intentions is:

Questão 88

UFG 2013/1
Read the descriptions of tea offered by a coffee and tea company.
According to both descriptions, the company

Questão 89

UFG 2013/1
The following statement “When it comes to spending” and the five possible answers to it were taken from a money personality quiz. Read them and answer the question.
According to what people may choose as answers to the statement “When it comes to spending”, what can be inferred?

Questão 90

UFG 2013/1
Read the advertisement.
The visual and verbal elements of the advertisement have been combined to convey the following most important message: the Bar & Grill is very

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